Thursday, February 3, 2011

In my place

In case you are wondering, I have been put in my place.  By my three year old.  Lovely. 

I originally had some plans to take care of some very important stuff (read: get something done for my husband) on Monday night.  So, on Sunday night I asked Mema if she would pick up Kale from school on Monday afternoon.  She proceeded to tell Kale that she would take him to dinner.  He told her that he would want steak.   

Monday afternoon rolled around and my plans changed (read: hubby said nevermind).  I called to let Mema know I could pick up Kale from school.  She told me to bring him home, but that then we would all go out to eat.  The problem was, we didn't run this by the household tyrant (Kale).  Yes, I just called him a tyrant.  I am sure he will need therapy for that someday (like he wasn't going to need it with me as his mom anyway???). 

The tyrant was NOT happy to see me when I picked him up from school.  He immediately poked out his bottom lip and started crying.  I was told that he wanted his Mema to pick him up and he wanted steak.  He finally calmed down after I broked the news that Mema had a surprise for him at home and still planned to take him for steak.  This was put in my place event #1. 

We got home and he asked Mema for his surprise (coloring book).  The next comment had to do with steak.  We tried to convince him to go with something closer because it was just yucky out (foggy and misting).  Nope.  He wanted steak.  Tyrant.  He also choose that moment to let me know that I was staying home and it was just him and Mema going for steak.  Let's call that put in my place event #2. 

We eventually convinced him that if he wanted Mema to sit with him in the backseat, then he needed to let me come so that I could drive.  Put in my place event #3.

We ended up at Outback.  My dad called while we were at dinner and he seemd pretty convinced that I put Kale up to the whole thing.  Nope.  The little tyrant managed this one all on his own...and yet again proved that he is the offspring of his parents (me: getting what he wanted, daddy: $teak!).  While we were there, he gave Mema a couple of hugs.  He told her that only she could have them and she was his best friend (oh, the charm of his daddy at work!).  He also made sure to let me know that Mema was his best friend and that he didn't have any hugs for me.  Put in my place #4. 

I can only shake my head in a combination of humor and fear, for I have truly been put in my place. 

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