Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kale and his sister's first fight

Kale and his sister had thier first fight.  Have I mentioned that his sister is still growing inside my belly?  Yes, they fought, they just didn't know it.  As this happened somewhere between 5-6am, I am pretty sure God woke me up just to give me a preview of what is to come my way.

Kale likes to sleep with his feet resting on my upper thighs when I am facing him in our bed.  Yes, he still crawls into our bed sometime during the night.  Anyway, back to his feet.  He was still quite asleep but his feet here searching for just the right location on my legs.  He will dig and squirm them into just the right spot that he deems comfortable.  In the meantime, baby girl started doing gymnastics in my lower belly.  My lower belly is becoming larger and there was only a small amount of space between my lower belly and upper thights (my legs were bent at the hips and knees).  Kale started wiggling his toes and feet in that small space.  Let the fighting begin.  He would wiggle my lower belly.  She would punch/kick/something back.  There wasn't a ryhthm to it and it wasn't always an instantaneous response...but it was enough to make me laugh. 

Oh, what we are in for....

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Adrienne said...

A definite sign of things to come!