Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kale is getting....

Sometime around the end of May, Kale will be getting a little sister.  At the moment we are lost in the world of pink.  Ack! 

All those comments I have made about being sure this was a little girl that was wreaking so much havoc on me...I was right!  I came up with a middle name today that would be a constant reminder that she has been this way since conception...but I have already forgotten it.  Ah, pregnancy brain!  Anyway, when I needed to call her by her full name (and I am sure that I will!), I would be reminded that she was just being true to who she has been all along! 

I went through a pink stage once in my life...I was 13 and the stage lasted two full weeks until I decided that putting on makeup, doing my hair, and wearing pink (or other feminine colors) was just too much hassle.  Then I went back to my Levi jeans and t-shirts! 

I have known for a long time that God and my mom are in cohoots with one another.  It shouldn't surprise me at all that I am having a girl.  It also shouldn't surprise me at all if her first words are "bow" (for her hair) and "frilly dress".  I am going at this with the attitude that I have a lot to learn about bows, hair, and dresses....while at the same time hoping that she much prefers her brother's jeans and t-shirts and enjoys "digging in the dirts" with him while they fight over action figures and dump trucks!

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