Monday, November 10, 2008

assisted walking and a small temper

Well...he started a new trick today. The temper isn't new...and here it is in full view...when he runs into something, he gets mad because he hasn't quite figured out how to change direction or turn around yet. Thats only a matter of days away, hopefully. He has not done this assisted walking at ALL before today. A few hours ago he just got up and took off...Mema Nana nearly fell over from shock!

So...Ep made the prediction that Kale might be walking by the time he comes home this weekend...sorry honey...he might be running by then! :)

Oh, and yes...we know...he has a temper...and its out of control. Oh the fun ahead of us as we try to tame it!

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Amy said...

OH MY GOSH. That is absolutely hilarious. You are so right about that temper... Have fun with that one! We have that same walker, too. Wait until he starts running at full speed pushing it in the driveway. Great memories of Ivie doing that!