Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not Britney, but oops, I did it again....

Don't ask me how...I have no idea, but oops, I did it again! Ep and I play this game when we have news to share...we try to find some good news to go with any bad news...so here goes. The good news...it can be fixed and won't cost us a dime. The bad news is that I already managed to lose a diamond out of my new rings. I lost a diamond out of the rose gold ring. Again, no idea how I did that, especially since that ring nests between the other two rings! Since we went a phenomenal jeweler this time around...less than 2.5 hours after I noticed I was missing a diamond, our jeweler has already returned my call and told me to bring the ring in and he will get it fixed. How many jewelers do you know that will call you after hours to assure you that your jewelry can and will be fixed? I don't know many, but I know one...and that is what counts! :)

I was texting with Ep while he waited for his name to be called during "pairings", which is when they assign a co-angler to fish from the back of his boat. So, I let him know via text. As soon as I typed "the diamond is missing from my rose ring" and hit send...the messages stopped coming from his end. So, either he is mad or his name got called. I am going with the notion that his name got called. I KNOW I didn't do anything to make this diamond fall out. Nobody knows how freaking careful I am now with my rings. Its insane how careful I am...so very not like me for the first 32 years of my life...but so much like me for the past couple of months.

On a completely different note...I gave blood today. We had a blood drive at work and I chose to give. I had decided to give anyway, so it was just convenient that it was at work. I tried to think of something good and positive I could do every year to commemorate the day that is forever etched in our minds (Nov 5th)...which is the day Kale was admitted to Arkansas Children's Hospital with his heart condition. I felt so incredibly helpless that day. Since he received blood that day, I decided that by donating blood I could give back AND help someone else the way that someone helped Kale. So, I gave blood today. It wasn't hard and didn't hurt. If you haven't ever given blood, I challenge you to give it a try. It DOES make a difference...need proof...see the video in the previous post of the little orange headed boy walking around...he is living proof that someone giving blood DOES make a difference! If you have given before but haven't done so in a while...here is your reminder...its time to give! I also found out that in our area, the blood bank has about 1/2 days worth of blood on hand...and that is it! Whew...more people need to give...no matter where you are...I am sure that the stats in your area aren't much different! Ok..Marcia's personal GIVE BLOOD psa is now over...but don't forget...GIVE BLOOD!!!!

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