Thursday, November 13, 2008

.49 for two coffee mates!

Edited to add that this is only good on the liquid coffee mate!!!!

I have decided to start sharing some of my here goes....

Ok, for all the Coffee Mate liquid is a deal for you. Get it while its good. If your name is Sue not do this...I have it taken care of for you... :)

This deal will get you two cans of Coffee Mate for .49 this week at Walgreens....

Go here: ...just follow the directions. You can uninstall the coupon printer after you print. IMPORTANT: after you print the first one, hit the back button on your browser...then hit refresh. Then, print again. You should be able to print two sets of the coupons.

Now...go to your local Walgreens...look for the ad at the front of the store...take one (this is also the ad that comes in the Sunday paper). Open it to page 2 and find the in store coupon for Buy One Get One (BOGO) on Coffee Mate. Now, go find your coffee mate. Get two. Go to the front of the store....get in line...when its your turn...give the coffee mate to the cashier...give her your instore coupon (you can give her the ad, you don't have to tear it out)....give her your two coupons for $1 off one coffee mate. Pay your .49 plus tax...and leave. Its that easy.

Now...if you are wondering about using 3 coupons on 2 Walgreens (and Target for that matter) you can combine a manufacturers coupon (the one you printed) with an in store coupon (specific to that store...Walgreens, Target, etc). me...have fun getting your cheap coffee mate!

Coffee Mate--Math:$2.49 with in ad bogo free Q-( 2) $1.00 MQ= $0.49

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