Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, everyone who knows me should know by now that I love to find a bargain! I am competitive and my competition is the goal is to see how much I can save. In the long run, for every coupon I use, the store is reimbursed for the coupon PLUS they make .08 for each coupon they accept. So, everyone wins! :)

Last Thursday, I asked my loving husband to take me to Walgreens on the way to Thanksgiving lunch. In all honesty, I had a prescription to pick up, but turns out their pharmacy was closed at that store. I wasn't bummed though...because I had coupons to use...and oh boy did I get a deal!

Here is the summary:

1 can enfamil next step = $11.99
6 cans of gillette shave gel = $16.74
20 schick intuition razors = $79.80
1 dial trial size body wash = $.99
1 bottle Mr Clean = $3.29
1 $25 BabyGap gift card = $25

Total before coupons = $137.81
Minus 6 Walgreens coupons on the shave gel (-$10.80) = $127.01
Minus 20 $3 Walgreens coupons on the razors (-$60) = $67.01
Minus 20 $3 manufacture coupons on razors (-$60) = $7.01
Minus 1 $1 manufacture coupon on Mr Clean (-$1) = $6.01
and then there is the tax (+ $7.80) = $13.81
I should note that the tax is charged on the total before coupons. Bummer, right?

So...for $13.81 I got all that stuff listed I need to remind you that it included a $25 BabyGap gift card? Don't worry, I already spent it! :)

In reality, I saved more than that...because some of those items are priced on sale...and at the bottom of my receipt it shows what I saved off of the regular prices....

In total, I saved:
$10.80 on the 7 hour coupon
$110 in advertised savings (Walgreens coupons plus sale prices)
$121 in manufacture's coupons
for a whopping total of $241.80 if I had paid full price for those items!

I heart coupons!!!!!!

If you want to know where I get most of my info...check out and please know it can be overwhelming at first and very addicting....but after a while it gets much easier!


Amy said...

OH MY GOSH. That's all I can say. I'm dumbfounded. You are amazing...

Bekah said...

only you.... Your amazing and I heart you