Monday, December 15, 2008

It was a weekend

The weekend is over and the week has begun...

Weekend accomplishments: painted 2/3 of what needed to be painted in the garage, took mom to get her suburban and met my brother's girlfriend, ordered some gifts, won some ebay auctions, spent some snuggle time with Kale, think we got shafted by neighbor boys cleaning our yard, and had date night with Ep.

So far today, I forgot Kale had an appt to get a shot--a shot that he has to receive within 28-30 days of the last one he received. So, now he gets to go get it on Wednesday.

We are also MAYBE getting some ice...yuck. However, I need not fear, as Ep has kept me very aware of the latest forcast--I think he was giving 15 minute updates last night. I wore my snow/ice boots today, just in case.

I think thats it, but again, its only Monday morning...

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