Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, I am not sure if we got freezing rain, sleet, freezing fog, or just a mixture of all that....but whatever it was that fell last night has frozen central Arkansas--literally. You could ice skate on our back deck. The streets at our house are fine, but apparently they aren't so great everywhere else because Ep just called to say the roads are terrible. That would be why they cancelled every school within a 50 mile radius, closed federal and state offices, and most businesses are not opening until at least 10am. But, oh no...of my husband went. I am pretty sure he is in inclement weather denial. At least he waited until almost 9am to head out. Please pray for him today....the roads are awful and I am sure I won't be the only one worrying about him.

For the record, my office closes for bad weather when the Little Rock public schools close. Additionally, if the Little Rock schools don't close, but my local district does (Pulaski County), then I can stay home as well. Pretty nice policy if you ask me! So, I am home today.

In anticipation of being home today, I had Ep catch the Christmas tree box as I slid it down from the attic. The Christmas tree is now up and I have to figure out why on set of pre-lit lights aren't lighting up. Probably a fuse...that will be fun. Aritificial trees irritate my skin... I get red marks wherever it touches me.... so digging in the tree to find the right plug that needs a fuse should leave me looking like I have been in a cat fight!

I think I might do some online Christmas shopping today...perfect day for it! Of course, all while keeping an eye on the toilet paper bandit....who by the way is saying his own version of thank you. At least he is a polite toilet paper bandit! :)

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