Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YEA! Way to go Chris!!!!!

My brother gets his own post today. I am sooooo proud of him. We all are! For many years, Chris has been working towards his dream of being a police officer. The road has taken him to various police departments to work as a dispatcher, and the most recent of these was at the Fort Smith Police Department. When some officer positions became open, he applied. He passed one test after another and waited. And then he waited some more. He thought he had been one of the seven chosen, and he was, but the budget only allowed them to hire six. What a roller coaster, right? Well, they told him that if any officers retire, quit, or get fired then he would be first in line for that job. They told him to expect something to happen next spring. So, the waiting began again. He took it all in stride.
Yesterday, he got a phone call. One of the six has decided not to take the position and you are in...come get your police identification and some other stuff...and report to the shooting range to get certified in the morning. Somewhere in all that, he will get sworn in...and poof, my brother is a certified police officer! Wow!
I am so proud of him. He didn't give up. He faced adversity several times and still didn't quit! So today, he begins living the first day of knowing what its like to chase a big dream and achieve it!
Wow...my brother is a police man....that is going to take a little bit to sink in! :) If you are ever in Fort Smith and run into Officer George...be nice to him! Wow...Officer George...weird!

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