Sunday, December 28, 2008

I warned you...

Well, see, I warned you. I knew I wasn't going to get much posted this past week.

Here are the highlights and I will try to come back and fill in the missing parts of any stories and I will add pictures later as well:

  1. Kale cried, whined, or yelled the ENTIRE trip to Alma on Christmas Eve. We ate dinner with my parents and then turned our wagon north. It was only an hour drive and our little man was tired. Surely a nap was in the works. Oh yes...all 20 minutes of it and then we were back to whining...
  2. Christmas morning came and went like a flash. It included a Christmas breakfast and then present opening. Well, for Kale, it was more like present "presenting" because he hasn't yet figured out how to open gifts. In fact, his gifts sat in Christmas sacks in plain view all week and he never bothered them. No tissue paper hiding them or anything. His aunt Wendi and uncle Brian rocked our parental world but putting together his sit-n-spin (more on that later), lawnmower, and vacuum. Then, Wendi made a very justifiable observation...we are preparing our kid to work. We even gave him a cell phone to keep him available at all times! Well, we gave him a pretend cell phone. He already had some toy ones, but none were as real looking as this one. He loved his celly! Later, we really rocked his world because he was given not one but two real cell phones that are no longer assigned a working number (yes, we know that he can use them to call 911 and are just hoping that he doesn't). So yes, our son managed to score one fake and two real cell phones for Christmas at the ripe age of one!
  3. We had our traditional Christmas lunch at the Clarion in Fayetteville. Nothing like enjoying the fact that NOBODY has to cook! Ok, like I cook anything...but well, I figure the cooks in the family are elated that they don't have to cook. After playing musical rooms and a few other issues, all was well until some guy in charge tried to get us to hurry up and leave. He didn't get us seated until 30 minutes after our reservation and then tried to kick us out about an hour later. He kept saying that there was another family waiting to eat at 1:30pm and he needed the room. Mind you, we are still eating our dessert! We didn't get in a hurry. I don't think I am making a wild assumption to say that we won't be giving them our business in the future...
  4. Friday...I got up and did some post holiday deal shopping. I got some really good deals, but nothing to brag about. Then, after lunch we headed back to Alma. Yep, you guessed it...more whining from the back seat. Thankfully, its only an hour trip.
  5. Friday night was dinner with my parents, Chris, and his girlfriend. We all crammed into a six seater booth at Outback and had Kale bringing up the end of the table in a high chair. Then Chris disapeared back to his girlfriend's house about an hour away and we didn't see him the rest of the weekend. The highlight of the night was when he announced that he was going to start driving the patrol car on his Sunday (tonight) shift. I taught Chris to drive in parking lots before he was 14 and he has been driving pretty much since that age. So, we all had a good laugh when my mom blurted out "YOU are going to drive a car?" or maybe it was "they are going to let YOU drive a car?". It wasn't so much that she was baffled that he was going to drive a car as thats no biggie...but the idea of her son driving a patrol car just completely befuddled her. I can't blame still cracks me up to think of my brother being a cop and driving a patrol car. It just seems a little surreal. We know he is capable...but its still mind boggling that he is old enough and responsible enough to do that!
  6. My family didn't not exchange gifts this took the stress off everybody.
  7. Saturday was breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then we waited for the storms. They weren't as bad as the weather men said they would be. But, it went from being nearly 70 to around 30 in one afternoon.
  8. Saturday afternoon found Ep going to the Razorback game with his dad and retrieving my iPhone charger and one of Kale's three cell phones. We managed to leave both at thier house. I suppose it something along the lines of like mother, like son. While Ep was away, Kale and I went to raid Wal-Mart with Mema Nana. We needed two carts for all the stuff.
  9. On Saturday night, Ep and I went out on the town...we met up with Robin and Justin and some other folks and found out that the service at Varsity in Fort Smith absolutely without a doubt is some of the most awful food service you can get anywhere. You know its bad when people start calling over the manager to dispute having to pay a tip because we were a group. At one point, every single glass on the table was empty for well over 20 minutes. Then, every check that our waiter brought to us was wrong. Justin finally gave up and just paid both thier check and ours...
  10. Sunday...I went for some deals at Wal-Mart and Walgreens. By the time I got back, Ep and my dad had brought home Chinese food. After lunch, we loaded up and headed back to Little Rock. And yes, the whining began. However, I chose a better placement of his that helped some! Kale was soooo tired. We thought for sure that by 20 minutes down the road that he would be zonked. He didn't get that memo. He finally passed out about an hour later. Between a bottle and then Ep rolling down his window enough to give him the white noise affect...whew...he slept.
  11. We got home and unloaded and proceeded to see how many injuries we could give our son during the few hours we have had him alone for the past five days. He hadn't been in the house for two minutes before he attempted to give himself a black eye...and may have given himself a partial one. The end table got him. I was sure that he was going to somehow injure himself on the sit-n-spin (which I requested, by the way) because he doesn't begin to come close to being able to sit-n-spin, even with assistance. His little booty just plops right off about 1/4 of a spin around. BUT, he does know how to stand with both hands on the stationary part and plant one foot on the carpet and the other foot on the spinning part. Oh yea. So far, he only goes about 6 inches one way and then 6 inches back the other way. I wouldn't be suprised if he is going all the way around by the end of the week. Then he stole my was a choice...either let him grab the slice or my plate with ranch was going to fly across the living room. He must have been worried I would try to take the pizza back because he promptly threw it on the floor, walked on it, carried it around the room picking it apart (yes, on carpet), and even managed to get pizza sauce on his new sleeping bag. Lovely. We eventually got him ready for bed and were in the process of getting our bed cleaned off (from an unpacked suitcase). Kale and Ep were on the bed. Kale gave his daddy the business! First he smacked him in the groin and then he bit him square on the bridge of his nose. As Ep writhed in pain and yelped, Kale must have feared some sort of retaliation and went into the roll evacuation plan... and proceeded to roll his little self right off the bed. I am quite certain that Ep flew at that point. I had my back to them but turned when I hard the ka-thump of Kale hitting the floor. All I saw was Ep's butt bouncing off the bed while the rest of his body was completely airborn. I am not exaggerating here. After a good examination and Kale wanting to play, play, play... we deemed him as fine and went on with our night.

Now, here I sit... typing the longest update ever ...and its the short version. Its 11pm and I return to my desk tomorrow from being out of the office for 10 days.... I better go to bed.

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