Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our neighborhood has never been a great place for kiddos looking to fill their goody bags on Halloween night. So, we knew that if we wanted to hit more than a few houses with Elmo (Kale) then we would need to go elsewhere. We also figured this is probably the last year we can get away with NOT going out for some loot on Halloween night.

So, we decided to stay home. Ep grilled burgers and we watched the Hog game until about dark. At about 6:30, we had our first and last group of kids come to the door. Kale looked on with wide eyes at the kids in costumes and kept looking outside to see if there were anymore coming. As I looked out the door, I noticed that a few of our neighbors had thier front porch light on, so I told Ep we should take Kale for a quick trip of trick or treating. We tossed him into his Elmo costume and got his Elmo bucket. We grabbed a flash light and off we went.
As we rounded the corner of our house, we discovered that one neighbor had already turned off the porch light. It was 7pm. Ok, on to the other neighbor with the light on. We got to the door and I put on his Elmo hood and rang the bell. I then stepped back and told him to say trick or treat. He started saying tic o tee immediately and just kept repeating it. After about 2 minutes, I realized that the neighbor wasn't home and had left on the porch light for security and not as an invitation for Halloween fun. Bummer. As I told Kale nobody was home, you would have thought he understood that he was supposed to be getting candy. Oh my goodness the crying and tears. Great, now we have a crying Elmo. After our first house. He wasn't upset that he didn't get candy. He had no way to know he was SUPPOSED to get candy. He was upset that nobody came to the door and said hello to him. At this point, there are NO front porch lights on besides ours and the neighbor who isn't home.

We knew our neighbor (age 14) was home because her dad told us that she was home alone right before he left for an errand. So, we went to her door. She opened up the door and started searching for candy. They had none. I told her that was fine because Kale doesn't yet know he is supposed to get candy for doing this. She laughed and talked to him and all was well. Her parents arrived home as we were leaving and got a good giggle over little Elmo. We then walked home and let daddy hurry inside so we could trick or treat at our own house. Daddy was quite giving with the candy (m&m's) and Kale was quite surprised. We then went inside and called it an night.

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