Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our week isn't over yet, but thus far has included the following:

Hives that are now turning to bruises on Kale...which made us start the week with a cranky and unhappy boy who is finally getting happy again.

A hole in the master bathroom sink drain....which led to a flooded "underneath the sink area"...which led to me cleaning all that out and drying it out...which led to my husband trying to fix the sink drain but only finding out that he needs more "stuff" and that we should now go forward with using pvc pipes...and a very happy wife that her husband is at least trying and will succeed to conquer this drain problem.

A dog who has decided he must once again climb the fence (because he knows that every hole digging spot is completely sealed off). For now, the problem is solved with a bike placed in the corner where he was climbing. Its only a matter of time before the bike no longer intimidates him and the climbing begins again. Then it will be time to bring back out the "shock made for a cow" stuff and remind him that he is supposed to stay inside the fence. For those of you who think this sounds cruel--please know we have exhausted every other method. He chewed through the shock stuff made for dogs. Either we do the shock for cows or he runs free where he can bite someone or get hit by a car...we choose the shock. Sitting him in time out just doesn't work. Sorry.

But on a positive note, we now have lots of kleenex (which Walgreens PAID ME to take from their store legally). We also have some really nice smelling holiday stuff for which I paid Target $3.64 (including tax) and they in turn gave me the nice smelling Glade stuff AND $10 in gift cards. I also ordered some holiday cards last night...50 of them...and they didn't cost me anything more than the time it took to create them...and they are shipping to me free. Yippee!

Oh, and if you haven't tried the peppermint chocolate holiday shake thingy from Chik-fil-A then you should...I swear it has just a nip of Heaven in it!

Man, there sure is a lot of mention of holiday in this would think Christmas is coming or something....oh man...I am in trouble!

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--Leann-- said...

Thanks for commenting on my Not Me post. :) I sure hope this week has gotten better. Hives and bruises and sink misbehavior... not fun.

I might just have to send the hubby out to Chick Fil A for a shake tonight.