Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, its been a while and I am busting back onto the scene with some fun. Welcome to my first Not Me Monday. Its a crazy little thing created by one of my favorite bloggers. You can check it out at and with that little bit of credit comes my first Not Me Monday....

It was Not Me who went Black Friday shopping with my mom and managed to score a parking spot near the door at 7:30am, and it was not me who snagged the last 1/2 price portable dvd player in the store. It was Not My Mom who easily scored a cart for our goodies. It was not me who also scored the last 1/2 price vacuum cleaner in the store.

It was Not Me who told the girl's at the pizza place that it was mom's birthday and so it was not me that was responsible for them delivering a cherry pizza to the table with song.

It was Not Me who napped every single chance I got over the past 5 days because it was =Not Me who was sick over the entire holiday break.

It was Not Me who managed to stop herself from going into a rant at her husband on Thanksgiving Day. It was Not Me that got two sentences into the fray and then decided that he is a big boy and can learn his own lessons no matter how frustrating that might be for me.

It was Not Me who let my 2 year old play with an Christmas ornament. It definitely was Not Me who all too late saw him tripping over a toy and falling face first onto the ornament. It is Not Me who feels guilty every time I look at the little purple/blue bruise it left on his forhead.

It was Not Me who had to gather up a birthday gift and return it to a neighbor--bag, cards, and all because our dog stole it from thier porch. It was Not Me who got to explain it to the laughing neighbors.

It is Not Me who wonders if we should secretly tape the next Fletcher family vacation and then sell the hilarity to the highest bidder. It was Not Me who asked my husband "did you say they had Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral" because I was sure my ears were really clogged on that one! It was also Not Me who wondered if the last time they ate at Golden Corral was when the Fox started his antics and had them sing happy birthday to me on not my birthday!

It is Not Me who has given up hope on keeping our dog in our yard. It is Not Me who is considering offering him to anyone with a farm of 10 acres or more.

Yeah...ok, thats enough I think. It surely was Not Me who probably dug about three holes with that post!

And as for the rest of the overdue updating...Not Me will get around to that soon.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Great post for your first time! I can't believe how lucky you were with your Black Friday shopping. Sounds like you have a very worthwhile trip!

I see from your profile that you work for a non-profit. Can I ask how you got into that line of work?


Marcia said...

I replied to the above comment via email and have quite possibly started a nice new friendship!