Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who are you?

This was my thought last night at Larry's Pizza. Who are you? I know you are not my sweet son Kale, because he would never ever scream so loud that his orange hair thought about falling out. A little background here might help...every Tuesday night we end up at our local Larry's Pizza for some yummy easy supper. The waitresses all know Kale and I am pretty sure they just call us Kale's dad and Kale's mom. On two occassions, Kale has found the game room there. Now, back to last night.

I had carried Kale inside while Ep made a phone call. He said he would pay while I got us a table. Seems like everyone else showed up right before us and tables were not plentiful. As I walked around looking, Kale struggled to get down. I had ahold of his hand when he decided to break away from mommy just as a waitress walked in front of us. My choice was to let him go or cause her to trip. I let him go. I had to wait for her to pass and that was just enough time for Kale to bound his way into the game room and head straight for the game that has a steering wheel.

Kale has no concept of money going into the machines. He just wants to play with the steering wheel. He was climbing up and was inches from the beloved steering wheel when I caught up to him and grabbed him. He started kicking, screaming and basically becoming a rigid plank of a boy as I tried to exit the game room with him. The other kids gave me a wide path, it was that bad.

Exiting the gameroom only amplified his screaming and yelling. Everyone, and I mean everyone from the smallest of child to the nearly deaf lady sitting in the corner was looking to see who was screaming and why. If I had a free hand, it would have been a great time to raise my hand and own up to him getting that behavior from me. At least I admit to that fact. But I didn't have a free hand because both my hands were wrangling the 21 year old man that had taken over my son's body. It was in this moment that I realized that Ep was still outside on the phone and unaware of his son's desire to deafen everyone in the place. We headed for the door, which yes, was all the way across the room. That 30 feet seemed to span 300 yards last night.

I opened the door and out we went, screaming and all. The bewildered look on Ep's face was funny, but I didn't have time to laugh because I was too busy handing off the newest member of wrestlemania. Then, we all three walked back inside...Kale being carried by Ep. I suppose that Kale thought he had won the fight and we were taking him back to the game room because he started yelling when he realized that wasn't happening. Ep headed back outside with him. Apparently they had a little man to man talk of some kind and I am not sure that Kale liked what was said but apparently he believed whatever he was told. They came back inside and went to find us a table. By the time I got to the table with the high chair, Kale was contemplating fit #2 and staging a "I'm not getting in the high chair revolt". I quietly asked him if we needed to go outside and mentioned something about a spanking. He limbered up and piped down and got into the high chair. By now, Ep is trying to feel Kale's head to see if he has a fever because this behavior is so completely out of the norm for him in a place he truly likes to be. As if it was his way of having the final word, he started rocking the high chair from side to side. Or maybe he was trying to rock it all the way into the game room. Who really knows. We sure as heck don't. We are still trying to figure out who that kid was!

We all ate dinner and our favorite waitress there brought Kale a sucker. His words after that were MMMMMMMMmmmmm, MMMMMMmmmmm.

So, yeah, whoever the 21 year old man was that showed up in my 2 year old son's body last night can go away and never come back again thank you very very much!

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