Sunday, November 1, 2009

Big Toy Book

As I looked through the ads in the Sunday paper, I noticed the Toys R Us Big Toy Book. I thought I would give it a look and see what kind of toys were being pushed this year. As I looked through it, a very curious boy arrived on the scene and proceeded to take possession of the toy book.

He went to the couch, crawled up, and settled in for a good look.

When he discovered this page (with motorized riding toys) he gawked for quite a long bit in complete silence. I tried and tried to get his attention but was apparently talking to a wall.

Finally, after about 3 minutes of complete stillness and silence (two things that aren't often assoicated with Kale!), I was able to get his attention.

And then he decided to look through the rest of my "paper discard pile" for anymore toy books before grabbing the toy book and heading to the other room with it.

1 comment:

Sue said...

seLove it!! What was his fav ride on. Did he show you? Him sitting and looking without jabbering that long was a record I'm sure.

Wish he'd had a better Halloween haul. Next year we will have to figure out something. Elmo never looked cuter though. Thanks for sharing pictures.