Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am stuck in the land of neverendingness. In this land, there is never enough time. The list never stops and as you cross one thing off, five more appear in its place. And the list apparently doesn't mind growing because it sends my two year old to me with a new book every few minutes. I mean, I have to choose between the list and the pleading eyes and "mommy peas" coming from my two year old. 99.995% of the time Ichose the two year old because I am well aware that he will not be little forever and there will eventually come a day when he says "mommy" in a different tone and won't be caught dead in my lap with a book. So yes, I chose him. And I know its the right decision.

But back to neverendingness. Just so you know, on this list is the following and I haven't forgotten:
  • I owe my sister in law a picture via email.
  • I must decide if we are even giving Kale a party and if so, what day/time.
  • That I do have sanity, but have temporarily misplaced it.
  • That there are two boxes of pull-ups with my son's name on Cave Springs. (and that its ok the pull ups are in Cave Springs because Kale refused anything to do with potty training at home).
  • That there is a mountain of towels that need to be laundered...along with a pile of clothing.
  • That our bathroom needs a serious the kind where you wear a mask and gloves cleaning.
  • Kale's car lot and toy store are about to be attacked...

The one thing I can cross off my list is to empty the clean clothes out of the basket so I can move it to its proper location and put the dirty clothes in the basket. I dumped the clean clothes on the bed. This basket had to be moved so I don't manage to kill myself by half drop kicking it and tripping over it around 3am tomorrow morning and scaring the living hades out of my husband who can apparently wake from a dead sleep asking "Marcia are you ok?" and go back to snoring 5 seconds later. Yes babe, I am fine but I no longer have a left shin. Thanks for asking. Snore.

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