Monday, October 26, 2009

Sucker punched

My kid sucker punches me. He does it to his daddy too. We should see it coming, but we don't. For the record, he doesn't use his fists. He uses something a tad more subtle...this little thing called control.

At night and for naps during the weekend, this is what happens: I go into his room with him (or his daddy does if I am gone) and he has a bottle of milk. Not a cup, but yes a bottle. Still. Lately, it MUST be baberry milk. I (or his daddy) crawl into bed with him as he drains the milk and slowly lets his eyelids become too heavy. Finally, he will give in to sleep. For naptime he will sleep around 2 hours. At night, we will usually hear little feet running to our room by midnight. And from there its a gamble as to how the rest of the night will go.

Here is what happens at naptime at school: He goes over to his mat and literally flops onto it. Within seconds, his eyes are closing. He usually sleeps the full two hours allowed. No bottle, not even any milk. And nobody laying down with him either.

Since Mema and Papaw were only going to be around this morning before going back to Alma, Kale and I stayed home for a bit today. Granted, today when I got him there, the rest of his class was already sleeping at 12:03pm--and they go down for nap around 12:00. Also, he was nearly falling asleep in the car on the way to school.

But still. He has been completely sucker punching us....

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