Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being positive

I know that my last several posts have been lengthy and kind of a cross between griping, complaining, and wallowing in my misery of motherhood. So, its time for a different kind of post.

Let me just take this opportunity to tell you, God is good.

God is so good to allow me to watch as my son and husband roll around and play together in our living room.

God is so good to allow me the joy of teaching my son how to ride on my back and get to enjoy the non-stop giggle of him enjoying the ride.

God is sooooo good to supply us with the Old McDonald Farm song...for it has given me the chance to watch my son groove to his favorite song and clap along.

God is so good for bringing all things baberry (strawberry) into our lives. Thank you Lord for giving my son the ability to communicate with us and let us know he has a baberry addiction. Thank you Lord for allowing me to live in a country where I can go to the store and stroll the aisles looking at different juices and products that will make things baberry flavored. Thank you Lord for giving me a job that allows me to have the money to buy all the baberry flavored things my son now loves.

God is so good for giving me a husband who loves his wife, son, and family. Ep is a forgiving and understanding husband and God knew I would need both of those qualities in my husband in a big way! Ep has changed so much since I first met him 10 years ago and I am so proud of him for the man he has become without losing sight of the boy he always has been.

God is so good for opening doors that we have not yet even noticed needed to be opened.

And for some humor, God is sooooo good for brining my boss back to me from maternity leave! I no longer have to report to the Executive VP of our entire division. There should be two layers between me and that person, but with my boss out on maternity leave and her boss managing to get fired...well...suddenly I was reporting to our EVP.

God is so good for bringing change to us when life get monotonous...and even when the change seems scary and uncertain...He brings it just when we need it!
God is so good....God is so amazingly good.

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