Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is it Thursday yet?

This morning, I thought I might lose it.

Kale didn't want to wear a diaper. He said pee pee. So we got the potty and he looked at it. Of course, his new to potty training mommy was hoping that we were starting a transition. Then he took off diaperless through the house. That kid is good.

His reluctance played out all the way through being wrestled into his diaper and school clothes. It then spilled right over into his refusal to take Benadryl for his ever runny nose. When he realized I was leaving and he didn't have his shoes, he freaked out a tad and I totally used that as his bribe. Take your medicine and mommy will put on your shoes. Ahhhh, his mouth opened and he took the medicine.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that....he stole my water bottle from my bedside table. I caught him before he unscrewed the cap. He was adamant about having a drink. I offered him a drink. Oh no, that was NOT good enough. He wanted to hold the water bottle while he took a drink. Gee, I wonder WHO gave him that trait? I knew where this was going. So, I guzzled the water until it was nearly gone. I gave him the bottle with just enough water to make him think he had just completely drowned himself. It worked. He was elated to have the bottle and immediately turned it upside down into his mouth. Then a geyser of water came flying back out of his mouth. He had been leaning against our bed. He ran towards the bathroom, water bottle still in hand, and was hollering in between his coughs. When I tried to take the now empty water bottle from him, OH MY WHAT A SIN I HAD JUST COMMITTED! No, I am not talking about letting my toddler think he had drowned himself. I am talking about taking the water bottle after he thought he had drowned himself. We worked our way past it.

We finally get out the door and to the car. Kale is buckled in. I am buckled in. We are ready to roll. There is only one problem. The truck won't start. Oh joy. So I do what any smart wife would do. I called my husband. He did what any smart husband would do. He told me he couldn't come rescue me and then told me how to rescue myself. After I lugged a 50 million pound extra battery up to my truck and got the jumper cables out, Kale locked himself in the garage. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that he knows how to turn the deadbolt now? Well, there is your warning. Thankfully, my keys were outside with me or we would have had a new hole in our house...and that is when I called the neighbor to come stand with Kale while I attempted to jump start my truck.

Once the neighbor arrived, the kid who locked himself in the garage decided he needed to be outside with mommy instead because he might get left behind. Oh the screaming and crying. All while I am trying to make sure that I have properly connected the right things to the other right things. Here is where I will confess: I am scared of jump starting trucks. Until this point in life, I have managed to be a bystander when something had a dead battery. Today, I put on my big girl panties and faced my fear because we WERE going to be leaving the house. My only other option was to just stay home all day with Kale and I figured that would end with one of us duct taped to the wall (probably me with the rate he is going lately).

When the neighbor released Kale from the garage, he clung to me like static! Into his seat, into my seat, and off we went. Kale got dropped off at school, I got a new battery for my truck, and then I even went to Lowe's and told them what I thought about their insurance denying my claim. The manager on duty told me to get an estimate and we can hopefully move forward. I think it was the part I mentioned about not having asked them to replace my entire deck that got his attention. See, that makes replacing the removable carpet cargo liner seem kind of small, right?

I went to Walgreens and snagged some deals, including some medicine for Ep. Then I came to work. And that is where my day got boring so I will stop right there....

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