Monday, October 12, 2009

The elusive Alma

Poor Kale. Alma keeps stealing his Mema.

Mema and Papaw came for a visit last Thursday. Kale proceeded to start running a fever seemingly as they arrived. I guess he wanted to be sure that he got to stay home from school with them on Friday? He glued himself to Mema. And I mean glued. I won't even try to lie about it...whooohoooo, we got two whole night of sleep without sharing the bed with a bucking rhinosaurus! Mema slept with the rhinosaurus! Mema for President!

On Saturday, Mema and Papaw had to head back to Alma. Kale wasn't so happy about it. Mema got tears in her eyes twice before she got into the truck.

Kale, without opening his eyes or moving, yelled out in the middel of Saturday night. He yelled "Alma". Yes, really. First thing Sunday morning, he wanted to know about Alma. He asked about Mema and Papaw and then Alma again.

We spent Sunday running errands and eating lunch before naptime. Kale asked about Alma again. After naps (we all took one), we went on an adventure. We tried out the pumpkin patch. We saw pig races, farm animals, pumpkins galore, and took a hay ride on a trailer pulled by a tracky (tractor). With all of that being new, what do you think Kale talked about last night? Oh yes, Alma. We had a great time at the pumpkin patch and Ep proved to be his father's son. Kale's favorite parts of the pumpkin patch involved the hay ride and then being able to just run free. He had the grand idea of climbing the hay bales so he could go down the curvy slide, but then chickened out when he realized he would have to slide by himself. I don't blame him. He did have fun romping on the hay bales and pretty much refusing every great photo opportunity that came along. We bought a medium size pumpkin and Kale got a free baby pumpkin.

Side note: I gave Kale a baby pumpkin last fall. That thing rolled all over the house and managed to last for months. It was apparently the baby pumpkin that wouldn't rot. I don't think his pumpkins are going to fare so well this year. Did you know pumpkins can fly? They can if you throw them. We have a pumpkin thrower. Its only a matter of time before we have a smashed pumpkin on the floor (and hopefully not on the wall or carpet).

Oh, and he woke up again this morning asking for Alma....

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