Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two going on two months

There is about to be a change in our house. I am not sure what it will involved. However, the almost two year old is either going cold turkey on no bottles or going to continue to get a milk bottle at bed that will be followed with water only bottles. Or maybe a crazy mixture of both of those? I don't know. I just know that he can't have a new bottle of baberry milk every single time he wakes up at night.

My boss has a two month old...and he is waking up one time at night right now to eat. Last night, Kale received his bedtime bottle and two additional bottles in the night. He asked for a fourth and had a royal meltdown in our room, his room, and the hallway when I told him no. He literally tried to pull me out of bed.

I finally got him to get back into our bed. Don't start. I know. Yet another habit to break. Anyway, back into our bed and off to sleep...and then Ep starts snoring in Kale's face. Kale's reaction is to kick me in the back with every snore. Dude, I am sooo not the one making noise. Or at least I wasn't. Because after the seventeenth million kick, I told Ep to either roll over or quit snoring or something. I didn't use my "middle of the night voice" and this in turn woke up Kale. Who then asked again for baberry milk. I really deliberated taking a blanket and going out onto our deck to sleep. Kale then crawled on top of me. I was laying on my side. He just climbed on board. His head was on my head...his torso twisted around my body...and his feet, you guessed it, found their way to my back. I let him drift off this way and then quietly shifted him under the covers and kept him cuddled.

If I weren't so tired, I would be laughing....

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Trish said...

Please don't take offense to this, but I needed that laugh!