Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, the weekend is wrapping up. We haven't seen Kale since Friday morning and we are really aching for him at this point. Yep, I am going to die when I try to go 10-14 days without him. I am sure of it.

We had a great time and really enjoyed just being together...we even managed to stay up after midnight on Friday. We had ambitious plans on Saturday night, but then we got our bellies full and decided that going to sleep for the next 9 hours sounded wonderful! I did some shopping on Saturday (yea!) while Ep watched "Dark Knight"--which completely disapointed him...and nearly disgusted him. Good thing he got to see it free! As a result of that movie, we have declared ourselves "old". Hollywood no longer markets movies to our age range...or, rather, we have outgrown the age range that the majority of Hollywood is targeting! But did I mention that I got to go outlet shopping??? Gap, Eddie Bauer, Carters...whooohooo! I got about 5-6 things for me, 1 thing for Ep, and about 20 things for Kale...yes, seriously. I mean, I don't want my boy to be naked!

We came home and unloaded the truck....then went out for pizza and salad before coming home to "chill". Its sooooo quiet here. Too quiet. I am ready for Kale to come home.

Kale and Mema will make the journey back to Little Rock tomorrow...maybe he will actually get to look out the window this time...he fell asleep before they even left our house on Friday and didn't wake up until he was already at Mema's house! For those of you who don't was a 3 hour trip! Yep, we think he likes and is enjoying the room in his new car seat!!!! :)

Ok...bed time!

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