Sunday, August 31, 2008

First the belly, now the hiney...

Well, Kale is still sick. I plan to call the doctor's office again tomorrow. We have removed all fruits and most veggies from his he is mostly formula only right now. He occassionally runs a low grade fever.

If you give him real food, he gives you a stinky diaper within an hour of eating. Its not your normal stinky diaper either. Poor kid.

As a result, his hiney is quite red. He is so completely raw. We have tried all the diaper creams and even his prescription one. We stopped using baby wipes 2 days ago and were using wash cloths to get him clean. Today, we decided that after his next diry diaper, we would just wash off his hiney in the sink...nice cool or warm water...which will probably result in him turning on his sprinkler as well. He hasn't given us the opportunity to use that method just yet...and we are thankful.

His daddy took him back to our bedroom with a bottle about an hour ago...and I haven't heard a peep from them in a while.

While you say prayers for all those affected by Hurrican Gustav....say prayers for the quick healing of Kale's belly and hiney too! :)

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