Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All Clear

We seem to be able to sound the all clear on Kale's stomach bug. YEA! He even slept fairly well last night...even though his mom didn't. But thats another story.

Kale is still very put out that he actually has to crawl to get from place to place. He lets the ENTIRE world know when he is on the move. He doesn't seem to pleased that he actually has to work to get himself from one place to another...oh, the woes of being a crawler!

His Nananana (Mema) reported today that he discovered the his reflection in the glass doors of our living room...only he didn't realize it was his own reflection. He kept trying to reach and grab the baby's hand...only to find his hand gently (I hope) hitting the glass. Poor kid...he was trying to make a friend...(giggle)

This weekend ought to be interesting...Ep is fishing a tournament and it will just be me and Kale at home. Mema has been with us for almost 3 solid weeks, in which time he has become very much attached to the idea that he should ALWAYS be in the same room with her and that she should ALWAYS be playing with him. Given that he only says Mama when he is tired, mad, or both....I am sure that I will here a lot of Nanananana Nanananna and Dada Dada Dada.

Speaking of Dada...Kale calls for him every morning now. Most mornings, Ep is still at the house when Kale wakes up. So, they spend a few minutes together. Seems Kale has grown attached to that time with Dada because he asks for him every morning...and even after we tell Dada bye-bye (Kale has apparently forgotten how to say that), he will continue to ask for Dada.

The other day, Mema told Kale that Dada was home because she heard his truck drive up....and Kale immediately looked at the door for his Dada.

Kale isn't scared of Goose anymore. In fact, he thinks Goose is hilarious. All Goose has to do is walk by or even flop down on the deck and Kale will giggle. I am hoping that Kale brings forth some gentleness in Goose. We will see....

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