Sunday, September 14, 2008


Whew, its been an adventure around our house this weekend.

Kale had a runny nose on Sunday night...and Monday. Mema was sick by Monday night. I got it by Wednesday night. Kale seemed much better, until yesterday when the faucet that is normally his dry nose turned itself back on. It got even more fun last night and today as the faucet started unleashing he will probably get to visit the doctor tomorrow. Ep hasn't felt the greatest, but seems to have so far dodged the major portion of the illness around here (except for dealing with a cranky wife and son).

I stayed home on Thursday and Friday--partly because I felt like trash and partly because I felt like I had already exposed my co-workers enough...I am the only one on my team with a small child, and I do my best not to expose them to rampant child viruses when I can. On Friday, Mom, Kale and I ventured out to get some groceries before the madness set in. See, we had a hurricane/tropical storm/tornado outbreak coming. I didn't want to NEED to go anywhere this weekend, especially not with all the gas price gouging going on around Little Rock. Hello, gas shot up 40 cents in one afternoon (Friday) and I didn't feel like buying into the panic. I have half a tank of gas...that will get me to Wednesday, which is long enough to make a decision about whether to buy gas on Monday or wait until Tuesday/Wednesday.

Saturday was a little disturbing for me. It was VERY humid outside. We were in the northeast quadrant of a hurricane/tropical storm path. Great. Ep spent the morning taking care of Kale while my mom and I tacked the toy warehouse downstairs (otherwise known as Sue went crazy buying toys on Ebay).

When Ep realized we were done downstairs, he seized his opportunity and literally ran out of the house...the boat, fishing gear, and water was calling. I thought he was crazy and didn't want him to go. I knew the weather was going to explode. I thought he knew that as well. I thought wrong about the last part. He checked the storms anywhere near us...and off he went. His last words to me was for me to keep an eye on the weather and let him know if it was about to start storming...and that he loved me. He had been gone less than an hour when the weather radio started blaring...tornado watch. Ok, so I call him to tell him. Maybe 90 minutes later, without a sound of thunder in earshot....the weather radio blares well as our tornado sirens....yes, a tornado warning....thankfully, it went west of us (and Ep). I started calling Ep...and get no answer....three times. GREAT! The storms came out of nowhere, are moving 50+ mph and my husband is out on the water. I know that by the time he hears thunder, the storms will be on top of him...and he isn't answering his phone (to his credit, there are many places he fishes where his phone just doesn't ring). These storms blew up so fast that even my mom came in from the garage (where we had transferred her toy store) with the most bewildered look on her face and asking if that was the tornado sirens. I wasn't even in the mood to be funny about it. When Ep finally answered his phone and called me back...I was about to go nuts. I was worried about him...and losing my grip. My mom started packing the diaper bag with the "its an emergency gear". Seriously, after last spring, we have a system and she is GREAT at it! We may only have the clothing on our back if our house blows away, but Kale will have two changes of clothes, pj's, food for two meals....and more. She also includes the radio and sometimes remembers the flash light. Ep called me again on his way home and in true male form, he thought it was a good time to ask me about the score of an earlier football game. Oh, it went wayyyyyy downhill from there on my part. It wasn't pretty. I lost it. Ugh. Then the second batch of tornado storms went east of us. Whew.

Then my night got even more fun when my left eye starting bugging me. A look in the mirror convinced me to take out my contacts and start praying that my eye wasn't infected. Too late. This morning it was very obvious that my left eye was infected. So, I get to find a new optometrist tomorrow (my last one treated women like second rate citizens and it was a miracle that I left his office without educating him a bit). Hopefully, I can be on the road to a quick recovery by tomorrow afternoon...and somehow cope with not wearing my contacts (and thus wearing my glasses) for at least a week or two.

This week is busy around here. I have to get a plane ticket to Slovakia...drop off my consignment stuff...and drop off mom's as well. Kale needs to see the doctor if he hasn't improved by morning. Ep has a tournament tomorrow night. Mom is leaving on Tuesday and taking Kale to her house so she can help my dad after his "scope procedure" on Wednesday...and plans to stay in Alma just long enough until my dad has his wits about him. Then, she will book it back down here to hopefully take advantage of the pre-sale for the consignment event. As consignors, we get to go through everything for 3 hours the night before the sale opens to the public. There are 1600+ it won't be a small crowd! Backing up to Tuesday night, I plan to attend a thing at church and then maybe have dinner with a friend. Wednesday, at 6pm will be at the doors for the Duck Duck Goose pre-sale.

I don't know what Thursday and Friday hold...I haven't gotten that far....

Ok, back to tagging items and Ebay...

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