Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let the ebay withdrawal begin....

Well, because of my upcoming trip, I have to take a break from ebay. Booo! I have several things to sell, but want to do 7 day auctions. I won't be here in 7 days...so I can't start those auctions. They have to wait...until after I come home...and probably until after we celebrate Kale's birthday (both on the real day and on the family day).

And then there is Halloween and the need to get pics taken in a pumpkin patch...so I am pretty sure it will be Nov 1 before I start ebaying again as a seller.

I bought Kale an outfit on ebay today that I had become obsessed with--its from a Gymboree line last winter or spring. It is a long sleeve onesie with a small orange dinosaur and the words "Feed Me" underneath the dino...and it comes with matching blue/orange striped pants. So cute...and will completely match my fella's orange hair. Its not red...its orange!

That will be my last purchase for a while as well. Unless of course, I find a super cheap (yet authentic) vanilla smelling Oris watch for Ep. That would require a purchase regardless of what country my computer happens to be visiting. Don't get your hopes up honey...those vanilla smelling watches are expensive!!!

Ok...back to my grind. I STILL have not gone to get my passport out of the safety box yet...ugh.

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