Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday to Wednesday

Its Wednesday! I have made it to Wednesday! Yippee!

Monday--The optometrist confirmed my suspicion...eye infection. Antibiotic drops and no contacts for a week...and then we will see how my eye is doing. Oh fun. The right lens in my glasses is not "current" with my prescription, so that is making life interesting. By about 3:30 every afternoon, my eyes are ready to give out from the extra work they are doing from me wearing my glasses. Oh, why do I do this to myself??? I don't trust myself to drive at night, and I had to drive last I put in contacts for a bit and did just fine. I fought the temptation to just leave them in...and I threw them away since they are now contaminated.

I also found time to drop off two sets of Duck Duck Goose stuff. I was proud to get that accomplished! Now...somebody buy our stuff!!!

Monday--was also date night. Kale and Mema went to my aunt's house and apprently had a great time. Kale was so worn out that he fell asleep on the way home, but then woke himself back up and screamed the rest of the trip home...our only guess was that he woke up, it was dark, and he wasn't quite sure where he was. After an early dinner, Ep and I had gone home...and laughed at ourselves for going to bed before 8pm. Yes, really. No, there was not anything adult oriented or hanky panky going on....we were just tired. Then, the screamer came home...he was wailing...and kept at it while getting his pj's on...and then it still took about 5 minutes before he finally stopped as we stuck a bottle in his mouth...he then cuddled up with daddy and zonked out. He slept with us...nothing like little feet digging into your back/side/belly! I know that someday when its his head in my back or he gives me an elbow to the belly...I will long for the days of tiny toes digging into me! LOL!

Then came Tuesday...another eye check...all is progressing well (and give us another co-pay please...huh? oh, and come back on Friday...not sure that will happen). Lunch was outside because it was so nice...and with my that was even nicer. After work was "Alive After 5" at church. It was a good time and I really enjoyed it. I plan to do it every month. After that was dinner with Robin...the amazing mother of twin boys. She never ceases to amaze me. This was the first time in a really long time that we had enjoyed the chance to just go out husbands and no kids. Whew. I don't think our waiter thought we were ever going to leave. He finally realized that we were there for a bit and just kept refilling our drinks (coke and dr pepper...whew, what big drinkers we are!). We enjoyed some really good conversation and had a good time.

Now, I am to Wednesday. Two alarms went off this morning. The first was a reminder to give Kale his medicine...only Kale is in I turned it off. Then the second alarm is the "reminder" alarm for "have you given Kale his medicine"? Yes, I know...but when you have a kid with a condition like his...skipping a dose is worrisome. We snoozed a little longer and then reluctantly got out of bed. The house was too quiet. Ep left for work and I finished up a few things before leaving. I walked into Kale's room to do something and spied his blankets in his bed...and nearly burst out crying. Hello, where did THAT come from? I just started wanting to hug him so bad. Funny how seeing his blankets in his bed (which he NEVER sleeps in by the way) caused that reaction. I am so completely sold on that kid...he owns me and knows it. Heck, he owns all of us..and KNOWS it. Which is exactly why we have a certified fit thrower amongst us. He knows the roll call as well. In fact, he recently decided to just combine all our names and it came out nanamamadada. Oh goodness....

Tonight is the night...I get to shop Duck Duck Goose for three glorious hours. There will be two shopping periods for volunteers before that....but then I get to go at the goods before the rest of the general public. All the consignors get to do this...tonight for three hours...did I mention that there are 1600+ consignors? LOL...nope, it probably won't be packed. I plan to arrive early! I write dad is having a procedure done....he is getting "scoped" please pray that it goes well...some kind of conclusion is made...and that my dad recovers quickly and is back on his (steady) feet by tonight. I think he was pretty nervous about the anesthesia becuase that means he is NOT in control...and he doesn't do well with those type of least we know where I get THAT from...anyway...please pray for him and for my mom as she tries to take care of Kale and a wobbly husband.

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