Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ahhhh...the anticipation is over and although my feet ache this morning...I had a great time at Duck Duck Goose last night. Thanks to Robin for letting me borrow her wagon--its was very much needed for my "haul". I got there at 5:40pm and went to the back of the horrendously long line. At 6pm the doors would open for the consignors...and you should have seen the line. You would have thought it was already opening to the general public. Robin used mom's pass since mom wasn't going to make it back in time (in fact, she is only on her way down here now). She joined me in line and was a little amazed and shell shocked by the crowds. I gave her a brief overview of the layout inside...knowing that we would separate once inside.

My first stop was the toddler beds, per mom's request for one. I thought I had found one, only to find out that someone else already had it on hold and very much indicated that she planned to buy it. Bummer. I wasn't impressed with the rest of them (well, there was another one, but it was a lot more expensive...) so I went on to clothes. And that is where I stayed for the next 3 hours. Racks and racks and racks of clothes. Oh fun! Since everyone prices their own stuff, you often see the exact same outfits for a variety of its not only about finding the outfit/shirt/jacket/pants you think is cute...but its also about finding it for the best price for the best condition! Me and my wagon were only given one harsh EXCUSE ME all night long. Hey, if you could have seen the madness going on in there, you would know that was a pretty good thing to only get told that one time in a mean voice. I don't know what time it was, but I think it was before 8pm...Robin found me and told me she was done.

At 8:30, Ep called. I freaked out when he told me it was already so late. They said we could shop from 6-9, so I just knew that they were going to start telling us to wrap it up soon...aghh.

After clothing was the shoes...let me sidetrack here to say that:
  1. So far, Kale doesn't seem fond of shoes. Hmmm, wonder where he gets that from says his mommas as she sits at her desk in flip flops.
  2. Kale's feet are big...wide...fat...just altogether big in a way that buying shoes for him without his foot being present is pretty much going to be a waste of time.

So, I wasn't in shoes long...but just as I was giving up on shoes, I spied a pair of crocklings. They are a couple sizes big for him. They are Crocs...but they have elastic neoprene to help them stay on little feet, yet give plenty of room to grow! Oh yea! They sell for around $30 new and I haven't seen them in any of the LR then you would also need to add shipping. I got them for $10 and they are pretty much new. YEA!

Then I was off to bedding, blankets, toys and more...I checked the blankets for anything from the Gymboree lines (I LOVE thier blankets...really soft, really big!). No luck. Oh well. I moved on looking for a high chair for my mom's house. I never found any full size ones, but found one that was supposed to be attached to a chair. It was one that I wasn't familiar with, so I didn't get it. I am thinking she will just have to hand over her money to the retail giants for that purchase.

Back to clothes...for one more dash through...did anyone put back something I...err, Kale needs to have? And then I was off to find a place to sort through my loot and play the "what do I like the best game". That took a while. At this point, its after 9pm...well after 9pm...and nobody has made any kind of announcement that we need to wrap it up. Hmmm, ok, one more stroll over to the toddler beds and toys. Whoohooo...look, the toddler bed is still hold sticker...the price tag is back on it...yippee. So, mom got a toddler bed. Its still there...I have to figure out how to get it home today. I can do it myself. If I have to figure out how to strap it to the top of my 4Runner, I will. I know, I have a husband who has a truck...and it would make sense for him to help me...but I already asked him for help and that didn't go well. I will just leave it at that...because if I go any further on that topic then I might just explode. I will say this.... I am capaple, I am strong, I can figure it out...I can do it myself...and if someone offers to help me along the way, great. Thank you God for making me that I don't need a man to help me and can get by on my own with the abilities you have given me and with the people You send my way who DO want to help me when I need it. I will NOT want for things just because a man won't help me. Yep, I better shut up now.

I did end up buying Kale a small riding toy. He already has one at home, but its still a little big for him. I got this one because it has a wider base and I am hoping that maybe he can at least sit on hit now and has a steering wheel that doesn't actually steer, lights, music...and somehow it turns into a scooter when he gets bigger. Its made by Fisher Price. It was $ fun moment on it for him will be worth that price!!!

At 10:10, I left Duck Duck (Robin's) wagon full and the realization that I never ate dinner. Now, I am at the state fairgrounds...its after 10pm...there isn't a place within 5 miles that is safe to stop for food...GREAT! It was only after I was in my car and driving down the road (where it would not be safe to stop) that I remembered that I have lots of water in my cargo hold...and I was sooooo thirsty. Ugh. So, I headed to the Sonic by our house...and waited 15 minutes for a little snack pack of chicken bites and a cherry limeade. Not sure if they had to kill the chicken or go pick the cherries...but good grief. There were only two other cars much for FAST food. So at 10:50, I roll into the driveway. I left my loot in the truck. Me, my purse, my food, and my drink went inside. The rest could wait. By 11:30pm I was in bed and dead to the world....not sure I moved all night. When I got home last night, I knew my feet were going to hurt today...standing on a concrete floor for 4 hours...yep, thats going to hurt.

So, its the morning after...and I am good. I unloaded my loot--its in the garage, still in the wagon...and am trying to figure out how to get the toddler bed home. My feet literally tingled when I got out of bed...and they hurt now, but its ok. I got my loot. I am hoping that I break even with what I bought vs what I sell...but its ok if I don't..and its ok if I make more than I spent too!

Ok...gotta go...

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