Saturday, September 27, 2008


This will be a quickie...just to capture Kale's most recent "trick".

He knows what NO means. He knows how to shake his head no. We weren't sure if he knew that shaking his head no and the word no convey the same message. Now we know...he does know!

There are a few things that he would LOVE to touch or play with, but that are just not things he should touch or play with. Things such as the computer on/off button (which glows blue), Mr Feet's blue water bottle (rabbit's water bottle, which is attached to his cage), and a few other random things.

So, today he proved multiple times that he knows what the word no means and that shaking your head no will communicate that message. He would meander up to something like the water bottle...reach to touch it and either just tap the top of it or come as close to humanly possible to touching it...and then stop himself and shake his head no. Now, not a word was said to him during all this. He was apparently having his own internal conversation about it! HA! He has also been observed doing the same thing with the glowing blue button on the computer.

He is so amazingly smart. We are in such trouble! It also seems that he has a good dose of self control in most situations...which is great because that balances out his lack of patience and ability to control his temper!

The other thing with him right now is that you can't even pause when walking by a door...the slightest of pauses seems to send him the message that you MIGHT be thinking of going outside. And oh the fit that follows if you don't take him outside. Nana has learned not to pause by the garage door...front door...or deck door. And, for the record, you can take him outside and be out there for quite a while...and he can even be getting chilly to touch because the night air has cooled...and he will STILL throw a major fit when he has to come inside. Oh yes..our boy loves the outdoors!

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