Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in the Rock....and more Duck Duck Goose

Mom and Kale made it back to Little Rock around lunch so I left work for a bit to join them for some Duck Duck Goose fun. Mom got to shop/look. She wanted to hang out in toys, and I tried to curb that. We could open a toy store at my house...and there are so many toys that he never played more toys, except specific ones that are bigger and parent approved. :) As my mom reads this, rest assured she is rolling her eyes at me. While checking out, she spied the propaganda for the half price Saturday portion of the sale....which she has known about...and so she asked if we could come back Saturday. Before I could yell, NO....the saleslady said "sure you can". Mom said "oh, I know I can, but it depends on whether SHE will let me--she is the boss". So, I might let her go, who knows....giggle...but I promise that if she brings home any more toys, there will be big problems in Memaville....

We spent a little more money...or um, mom spent money. Then we got the toddler bed loaded in her suburban. This nice kid carried the bed all the way to her truck. We were going to pull the suburban up to the door, but he just followed us all the way there...carrying an oak toddler bed on his head...I was impressed. Not sure why he did that...surely impressing me wasn't the reason...I mean, he was 15-16 years old for goodness sakes! Maybe he was just being NICE? Regardless, I gave him a tip and we were done with loading the bed. Yea!

While we were there, I looked for the pump I was has apparently sold. Yea! I bought it last spring at the same sale....used it at sporadically at work...and then placed it for sale for the same price I paid. Yea! However, I must note...those who run the sale will get 30% of that price. So, for the mere 30% cost, I used the pump (and thus didn't have to carry my other one back and forth to work) for about 5 months. :) Works for me! I went ahead and sold it because I plan to get the "I don't know the name of it but you can multitask while you pump" version for the next time I need a pump and then I can just bring my other pump (the new one purchased after Kale was born) to work since I don't plan to walk around work while pumping! THAT would be a little, er, um...scary/insane/unprofessional. Well, thats the plan anyway...when baby #2 comes along (it won't be anytime soon!), somebody remind me of this plan and this post...and we will see what comes of best laid plans.

Tonight is dinner out so that we can also pick up Ep's new work Tahoe....

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