Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally Friday...

Ok, I admit it, I started my week with way too many things to accomplish without enough days to get it done. Yes, many of us are guilty of that every day of every week, but I was off the chart with it this week. As a result:

  • I am nowhere near packed for my trip....and am certain I will forget something I will need.
  • I have my passport in my possession, but only because my loving husband went to get it while running another errand (THANK YOU!). I guess he was worried I just wouldn't go get it and thus would not end up getting on the plane...hmmm...or maybe he just loves me enough to help me! :) Yep, thats probably it.
  • I have a MAJOR project at work that will not be completed before I leave. I will miss the deadline. Maybe nobody will notice. Seriously, its possible nobody will notice.

So, now for my BIG request of you (whoever reads this...I never know if anyone is reading this!).....send me some emails while I am gone. They are my lifeline to normalcy when I am overseas. They help me feel still feel connected to home. You can send them to because I never know if my work email is going to cooperate overseas (usually it does). Send me just the normal stuff...what is happening in your know, the day to day stuff. Seriously. Please?

Ok, gotta get back to work....

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