Sunday, October 12, 2008

update from Slovakia...again


I have traveled back to Slovakia and am in the area in the outskirts of Poprad. We are in a little village, sort of anyway. I have hijacked the directors computer for a bit. So, no new pics for now.

Since my last blog, I have seen Wawal or Wawel castle in Krakow, Poland as well as the market square--which is a very busy place. It only took us two hours to find our hotel. Oh, and I also so St Mary's church (or maybe cathedral?) in Krakow. It was huge...and I heard the buggler (bugle player) a couple of times, as he plays his bugle to the east, west, north, and south on the hour, every hour.

I have also traveled through the Tatra mountains, which are the tallest mountains in the area. The VP of my area team at headquarters was driving. He is native to Poland. It was a TRIP. Oh, and we stopped for a break and while he was in the bathroom, I managed to set off the car alarm....twice. I set it off once when getting into the car, and then again while I was sitting completely still inside the car...not sure why it went off. O well. He came out of the bathroom laughing....and asking what I did. O well, such is the life...this is a normal day for me over here.

I forgot that most European hotels don't have elevators. Let's think about my luggage for a minute...I am hauling 12 days worth of cool weather clothes. At my current hotel, I am on the third floor. FUN!

Ok...well, time for lunch....more later....eventually....

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