Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week....

So far this week:
  • I officially got my promotion.
  • Ep got waitlisted for the national tournament...if just one guy says he isn't going, then Ep is in...and the tournament is in a few weeks. We will find out by Nov 1st (I think).
  • Kale had his birthday cupcake and wasn't impresssed. He is more enthused by the, um, actually more by the string that hangs from the balloon.
  • Our house looks rather destroyed at the moment...I was gone for two weeks, Ep was gone for one week and Mema was gone for a WHO made this mess??? There is much cleaning to do....acgghck.

This weekend holds the following:

  • Cleaning, Cleaning, and more Cleaning on Friday for Marcia. Kale might help.
  • Saturday is the party...mommy, daddy, and immediate family will be celebrating. Kale won't know what to think....but we are looking forward to seeing and spending time with everyone. Maybe we can manage not to drop the video camera this time during the "cake".
  • I would like to sqeeze in a visit to a pumpkin patch somewhere....I was aiming for Sunday afternoon, but Ep has scheduled a golf outing (which should be interesting, given that he doesn't own any clubs at the moment and isn't BUYING any between now and then). So, either we will go without him...or maybe if I get all the cleaning done early then we will go early Saturday...BUT seriously, all the cleaning has to be done first.
  • Sunday night is our first community group meeting with people from church. I hope they will change the night they plan to regularly meet...but if they don't then we will just have to find a different group because we don't have a babysitter for every Sunday night (Mema will still be in Alma).

Thats all I can think of right now....

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