Friday, October 24, 2008

Its Friday!

Whohooo, its finally Friday!!!! Or maybe I should say...uh oh, its Friday???

We had to get up early and caravan with Ep to drop off his truck. It was a three vehicle ordeal because he didn't want to come all the way back home. Fair enough. We got breakfast out of the deal. By the time we got back home, one of us had fallen asleep and another one of us was wanting to fall asleep. But sure enough, I put the car in park and the sleeping giant awoke. After quite a fight and a bottle, he and I finally settled in for a good nap.

During our nap, I think Mema finally gave up and took a nap herself. She disapeared into her room and is still missing in action. Not that it hasn't gone unnoticed. Kale woke up asking for her and hasn't stopped. Oh and the whining....WHERE did he learn that???

You know how it just seems to happen that the ONE toy that is so annoying and loud turns out to be a kid's favorite toy? Well, that is surely the case around here today....twice over.
  1. this one is a "handyman shop" makes the noises of sawing, cutting, etc. And oh my, its annoying and loud and it squeals. Ugh, enough already. Mema had the toy at her house and HAD to bring it back to Little Rock because she want to sell it on ebay because its so annoying. Um, I think she should have just thrown it in the pond at her house because now Kale has decided he likes the annoying thing!
  2. the second is a one that I actually like....its ball shaped and vibrates so that it rolls and flops its way all over the floor. Oh the entertainment. But its loud. I have a headache. Loud+headache=want to throw it outside (but I won't).

Ok, time for a late lunch...and then round two of Ep and the trucks....only this time Mema doesn't have to go....

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