Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Oh wow...where should I begin? Let me say this part...I will give you more about where I am and what the city/country is like later....for the moment...this is all about me...sorry...but thats what you get with this post.
I finally got to Kosice, Slovakia last night and then we had to drive on a winding two lane road in the rain. It looked as though the leaves are turning, so I am sure it would have been a beautiful ride in the daylight. We stopped for dinner before all the places to eat could close (9pm) and it was a good dinner (penne pasta, bread, sauce). I was SO exhausted. We got to the hotel around 10pm and got checked in. I want to cuss myself everytime I have to carry my 49lb suitcase up stairs when I travel Ugh. The only hotel staff was a lady who didn't speak English, which wasn't a problem until my host left. Before my host left, she explained that the hotel did not have internet. However, she said that it was easy to pick up a signal from other wireless networks. I trusted her.
When I got to my room, I put down my bags and said goodbye to my host. I closed the door and immediately went for my computer. MUST HAVE INTERNET because with internet, I can literally call home from my computer...I can, etc. My first attempt was successful just long enough for me to get Ep on his phone and hear his voice. And then I went though an hour or so of just pure frustration. Did I mention that I had only slept 4 out of the last 36 hours. I was soooo determined to talk to Ep or chat online with my mom...and if I was really lucky, hear Kale's voice. So, for two hours, I tried to get a connection. In the middle of that time, I briefly gave up and tried to do anything that would help me relax enough to doze off to sleep. I get about 10 channes on the tv....only Eurosport (with little racing cars) is in English. I actually watched that for abou t 20 minutes before I had to stop. So I moved on to the movies I brought with me...and found out that my computer's DVD player suddenly doesn't want to work. GREAT! I decided to literally use the phone and call home. Its not usually cheap, but I needed something to help me chill out. Oh wait...I need the lady at the front desk to help me because none of the information in my room about the phone is in English. Oh wait...the lady at the front desk doens't speak English...and that was the end of that idea.
So back on the internat prowl I went.
I decided that maybe an open window might help....its 45 degrees outside...but I opened my window and quickly bundled up. Brrrr! BUT, I got my connection! YIPPEE! I was able to call and talk to Ep, mom, and Kale. And finally relax. I had taken some sleep medicine before calling them and after I got off the phone, I picked up my computer and literally wobbled to bed. :) Ahhh, finally, sleep. I just woke up a bit ago...I feel a little sleepy still, but ok. So, I am quickly adjusted. I will want a nap later today...and might indulge. It wouldn't be wise, but I would like to get some more sleep. I would call home, but calling home at 2:45am would probably scare them.
Ok, I think, after all my traveling...its finally time for a shower. I guess I better shut my window!

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