Wednesday, October 15, 2008

its a new day

Its a new day, and my second to last day here. However, today is better. Just wanted to get that out there....

Here is a Kale report. He has my brother wrapped around his finger...and has also taken charge of his former crib. So, Kale is giving a safe and sturdy 24 year old crib the good "once over" this week. Too bad he doesn't know he is supposed to sleep in it. For now, apparently its a good place to jump up and down while holding onto the rail. Oh yes, that boy is all mine. He still isn't sleeping all night, no big surprise there. For that matter, neither am he and I will be good bed buddies when I return.

To my father in law....I am glad to know that you didn't fall off the earth...that you do get to go cruisin'....and this secret will have to be just a way that God is growing your patience...ha! :) You will know soon enough...and just in case you were wondering and you know I don't, the secret is not anything related to pregnancy!!!

Ok...back to the meething....hope ya'll are sleeping well!

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