Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hitting the wall

Today, I have hit the wall. Its been...well...a day. Its too much to type...so here are the bullet points...and it will just have to do! I am tired, and I am sure that will be evident here....
  • I had to go on a hike...only about a mile or so...around a lake. It was for fun. I like nature...and it was pretty, but hiking a zillion miles an hour around a lake is not my idea of fun. A slow leisurely walk around would have been fine...but I am just tired of all the walking this week....I know, I should just get over it...and see it as a literal push to start walking at home...
  • I got some REALLY good news today...but I can't share it yet...not because I was told not to share it, but because I need to confirm a few things first before sharing.
  • I got to ride through more Slovakia mountains with someone who thinks that driving down the middle of the road is very appropriate...even with curves ahead...or hills....or even oncoming cars. Did I mention we were in the mountains and that there were some steep drop offs??? At one point, we literally were three wide (car/big semi truck/our truck) on a two lane road....going about 60mph. I was ready to get out and walk...but then...see above...I was already "walked" out.
  • I am tired of people talking in languages I don't understand...and also tired trying to figure out the "English menu" which is usually only really partially in English and most of the time in phrases that make no sense at all.
  • I have hit the wall...and am ready to come home. I miss my husband. I miss my son. I miss home. I miss fast food. I miss everything. Ugh. I miss my mom and everyone else as well.
  • I am thankful, really thankful, for the emails. For those of you who sent them yesterday and today....you have no idea how helpful they were. So....thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Then...when we got to our hotel...a group of us arrived together....somehow the receptionist assumed that I was with the boss of my boss....as in rooming with him...so she gave me a key to his room. I headed up...completely unaware. She waited on a few other people...I get to my room way before he arrives (thankfully) and am wondering what I did to get such a good room...its two rooms...living room and bedroom...bigger than what I normally get (which is about half the size of a normal American hotel room). I am unloading my bags and ready to head to dinner when one of the Slovakia staff members shows up at my door and tells me there was a mistake. Then my boss's boss shows up. It went downhill from there...the jokes were horrendous. Ugh. I grabbed my stuff...moved to my room...which had been eroniously assigned to someone else as well...who got moved. I am not sure how you could get downgraded to a room smaller or less than what I have. Thats not a complaint, just an observation. But, this poor guy who is a part of our larger group got downgraded. He, like me, got to briefly see how the "higher ups" get to live. I feel bad for him. I hate knowing that HE knows he got downgraded....and that we are in rooms better than his. Ugh, again.

Ok...its time to go to bed. I haven't made it to bed before 11pm any night since I have been gone....I just can't chill out. I get tired, but can't wind down. Even with the medicine...my body and brain still fight it. Anyway, time for bed. Two more days. I can do this. I can't wait to sleep in our king size bed...cuddled up next to my son...and after a few days and when he returns....that goes for my husband as well. :)

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