Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, as we are learning with almost everything we do with Kale...we should have known something wasn't quite right. He was soooo irritable last night and refused to relax and sleep last night. He had a "loose" diaper last night. No big deal....until he had 2 more this morning and another one at lunch. Then the low grade fever popped off to the pediatrician we went...

So much for my other half of the work least I got to work on a few things from home this evening (thank you mom and Ep). I am a little swamped right now...oh well.

The pediatrician says that its either a bug or teething. No surprise there. I really didn't expect her (not our usual doc) to tell us that it was one or the other. Kale is at the age where it could be this...or it could always be teething. Ugh. She did tell us that his ears were a little red...but no infection...but its something to watch I guess.

We have a new problem in our house. Seems that shortly after Mommy turned off the milk jugs, Kale became a "I only want my Mema" boy. :( Rejection is tough. He does sometimes still call for me...but usually its a last ditch effort on his part to escape naptime or bedtime. He likes to be with one of us...and then call for the other one...and bounce from lap to lap...we are SO bad...he has us completely wrapped around his finger AND he knows it!

He has a new name for seems to change from time to time when he says it, but mostly it sounds like Nana...sometimes its more like Nini...

I am still Maaaaaa (and usually only when he is mad, tired, sleepy, or all of the above) and Ep is Da Da or Bubba.

The newest trick...oh, its good. He can officially pull up. He has been doing it randomly in his crib, but last night he figured out he can do it anywhere. He pulled up on this huge block toy...and it was soooo completely game over. Today he pulled up on the ottoman. Then, tonight, he started taking steps between one rail and the other in his crib. I swear he might just go from scoot and army crawling to walking. Thats what his dad who knows.

I know I am not saying anything new here or that each parent hasn't learned along the way...but...EACH day is a new day with might be a lot like the day before...or it might be so very different. It seems like yesterday that I was longing for him to be able to sit up on his own...and then for crawling. The other day, I realized how far he had come...and how his is so quickly turning into a little boy. Ugh.....I had heard parents talk about that kind of stuff and my own parents have told me how fast it goes by...but man oh man...its a lot like everything just don't know or "get it" until you experience for yourself! I think its harder on Ep than me...simply because I got to watch my brother grow up. Ep has never spent THIS much time around a baby and its a joy to watch him discover how quickly Kale changes. Parenthood is wonderful...squirty diapers, sleepless nights and more love than you could have ever imagined!

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