Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And then...

I knew this would come. I just wasn't quite mentally ready for it. Ugh. One of the perks of my job is the really not so frequently traveled locations. Although I must say, I have scored some pretty cool trips to tourist spots as well. When I first started this job, I traveled several times a year. As our team grew, our travel budget did not grow proportionately, so my travel decreased. I was ok with that, especially while trying to become and then while being pregnant. With the economy being so awful, our team budget was squished for practically no financial growth. I figured there wouldn't be any travel for me during FY09 (July 2008-June 2009). Again, I was ok with that. I wasn't disapointed at all.

Today, my boss came to me and my co-worker (she does the same job as me, only with different countries) to let us know that in October we will both be traveling for meetings. Ack. While my co-worker nearly licked the feet of our boss for the opportunity to travel, I just tried to keep a straight face and stay engaged in the conversation. Meanwhile, internal panic began. I am flip flopping between excitement (glad to know that the excitement for travel is still around) and a strange combination of fear and sadness. The idea of leaving Kale for that long just absolutely breaks me right now. (yes, Ep, I can both go with me)

So, I guess its time to research travel to Slovakia (and possibly Poland and Romania).

The interesting part is that its in October...which is also the month that Ep has a big tournament in Kentucky and also when Kale will be turning a year old. I guess I also now have a hard deadline for getting Kale weaned from me. Geez, that month just got over-busy in a hurry!

Ok..mostly, this is just a brain dump. If it doesn't make much sense, sorry.

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