Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quite Teething Weekend

We have had a quite weekend here at home. We enjoyed a little time with Wendi and Fletcher on Friday night and Saturday morning. We really enjoyed having them here. Fletcher was a great help with Kale...he kept him quite entertained. We went to eat dinner with them on Friday night, and other than that, Kale and I have stayed home all weekend! There are tons of errands I could have accomplished, but I chose to stay home and get some of that "other" stuff done. Whew. It was nice to just stay home though! Ep went fishing. He has a local tournament this next weekend...

Then comes along Sunday night...Kale and Ep were enjoying a little father/son time in the big chair. I gave Kale part of a teething biscuit, which he proceeded to shove in his mouth...yes, the ENTIRE portion.

Despite the fact that he has been running a fever all day (oh, the joys of teething AND thank you God for baby tylenol and motrin!), we still enjoyed some laughs and smiles!

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