Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Since I am at work, this must be brief. However, the next several days are filled with a lot of "going", so I thought it might be best to check in now.

Tonight we are headed to Lowe's to check out the ceiling fans. Its time for a ceiling fan extravaganza at our house (read: we NEED new fans). I think a new screen door for our back deck will be considered as somebody we know will be somewhat or fully mobile by the time fall rolls around. We tend to leave the deck door open in the fall while we are grilling...and don't want to have any escapees when we aren't looking! (note to self: make sure it has a REALLY good lock!) (note to Larry: don't take this as a sign that you should worry) :)

Somewhere between Lowe's, dinner, and Kale's bedtime routine (or our best attempt)...we need to pack. This isn't a hard thing for Ep. It consists of about 15 minutes of grabbing underwear, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, and his bathroom bag. Packing for me will take about 30 minutes and will include me throwing in a couple of extra t-shirts for Ep (for when Kale "bombs" him). Packing for Kale...will be non-stop until the moment we leave the house. Ugh.

My dad and brother are coming to Little Rock tomorrow. Leave it to them to have a scheduled trip to LR on the very same day that we FINALLY go to Alma/NWA. Josh, a friend of my brother, is graduating from ASP troop school (read: he will be an official state trooper). They are coming to support him during his graduation. I have no idea if I will see either of them while they are here...but its ok because I will see them this weekend.

Tomorrow night, AFTER the normal afternoon traffic has died down, we are heading to Alma. We plan a dinner pit stop to give Kale a break from the car seat and so we can all eat dinner.

The majority of my weekend is devoted to a special project with my mom. I plan to involve my brother, dad, and husband when at all possible. We NEED their help. Given that I am not sure if any of them will read this...that might have been a completely missed plea on my part. However, let it be noted...I will thoroughly appreciate and REWARD any hard work (outside of caring for Kale) that they help with this weekend.

Other weekend plans:
  • Go with Ep's family to see the NWA Naturals play in their new stadium.
  • Try our best to connect with some friends who would like to meet Kale.
  • Spend some time with Bekah and crew once they return from Alabama.
And that is about it...Ep will return home on Sunday. My mom and I will return on Monday afternoon.

Well, I attempted to be brief!

Hope everyone has a happy and SAFE 4th of July weekend!!!!!


grandaddynoney said...

WOW what a plan..but let me tell you about how po i am with my bank that i have been doing business for 37 years. liberty bank now charges you for 2nd and consecutive time that you take money from your savings in a month. i did that 4 times in the past month and they charged me 1.00 each time and on top of that a 10,00 service fee. guess what? they dont have any of my money tonight. kale the good old days have come and gone. now what time am i to expect you on friday, and do you need any groceries from wal-mart, oh i bet you already been this week, and how was that trip to LOWES tonight, get the fans and an "approved door" with instructions on how to install it. see you friday. grandaddynoney

grandaddynoney said...