Monday, June 30, 2008

Other citizens of Fletcherville

Here are some of the other people you might find mentioned here....and described by the names which relate them to the King of Fletcherville.

Mema--Marcia's mom...she lives with us from Sunday night to Friday afternoon and plays with Kale while Ep and Marcia make the big money. Her weekends are spent in beautiful Alma, Arkansas.

Pawpaw--Marcia's dad...he drives a BIG truck for Wal-Mart during the week and on the weekend and drives his tractor or goes "giggen" (aka, playing with the band) on the weekends.

Uncle Chris--Marcia's brother...he lives in Alma and works in Fort Smith. He leads a secret active and busy life...we have no idea what all he does.

Granddaddy--Ep's dad...he tracks down JBX's that have gone missing and anyone else who might have violated company rules and regulations. He is like JBHunt's version of the "Bounty Hunter". He lives in Cave Springs with Noney.

Noney--Ep's mom...she spends her time chilling with Fletcher, keeping up with Hollywood, visiting Dollar General, and making sure that nothing goes without notice on the daily "soaps". If you need info on your favorite star of now or yesteryear...she will have the info you seek! She lives in Cave Springs with Granddaddy but would leave the Cave in a heartbeat if she ever wins the lotto!

Aunt Wendi--Ep's sister...she does a LOT of things in the PR/advertising world of a big ole bank. We know she stays super busy and so we remind her from time to time that we don't want her to turn blue (so she should stop and take a breath). If she could find a way to do her job from a beach...that is where you would find her.

Uncle Brian--Ep's brother in law...he teaches all things math. Well, maybe not, but that is how it seems to us. If its a math question, ask Brian! He is also the head guru of Ep's fantasy football thingy.

Fletcher--Ep's nephew...he will be starting second grade in the fall, but is completely fluent in all things "BOY". This includes dinosaurs, hot wheels, Nintendo games, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and more. We also think that maybe he is part fish, because he really likes to swim. He is paving the way for Kale in the land of boys.

I am sure others will be mentioned along the way...but these fine folks will be mentioned the I decided to let you in on how they relate to our fella!

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Robin said...

You folks seem friendly enough so I might just stay a while!