Monday, June 30, 2008

Howdy...come on in!

Hi, welcome to Fletcherville. We hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Just a little about us:
This is Ep the amazing husband and daddy! We love him a LOT! He likes to spend his time fishing, reading about fishing, watching fishing, and talking about fishing. When he comes out of the fishing bubble, he also enjoys playing or watching golf, watching the Trav's (baseball), eating a fabulous meal, and occasionally sleeping.

This is Kale...the current KING of Fletcherville. He enjoys playing with his massive amounts of toys, talking, standing (with help, for now), stroller rides, eating, watching baby Einstein or Sesame Street, and just generally seeing how I can surprise my family next.

This is Marcia...she will probably do most of the blogging here. She enjoys...being a wife and mom and all the fun that comes with that experience. She also enjoys reading (but never seems to make time for it anymore), couponing, and taking pictures. She has a few other things she enjoys in her free time, but since free time seemed to take a hike last fall...then maybe these things should be called things she would like to do if she had more time: garden, scrapbooking, and watching movies.

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