Friday, August 15, 2008

The time has come...

Well, the time has come. I knew this day would eventually come, but just wasn't sure how or why. This weekend has a variety of names...all of which explain what time has arrived...

  • Kale's first weekend away from his parents.

  • Mema's first grand voyage home with Kale.

  • Mema and Papaw show off their grandson to everyone, all of the River Valley.

  • Marcia gets a trial run at spending time (more than a work day) away from Kale (in preparation for that upcoming trip overseas).

  • Ep and Marcia get some "just the two of us" quality time and hopefully know what to do with themselves. (besides look at each other and ask...."and who are you?") LOL!

Ok, yep, that sums it up. There is more to this weekend than those little titles...but that pretty much sums it up.

Kale is headed to Alma to see what kind of trouble he can stir up with his Papaw and Uncle Chris and Mema. When I asked my mom about taking him home with her this weekend...she nearly fell out of the chair giggling. That was answer enough. Rumor is that Uncle Chris called last night to see if Kale was arriving then, or on Friday. Papaw already has lots of plans with Kale. I am fairly sure they are beyond themselves excited that Kale is coming and they could care less that we aren't coming as well. :) We are ok with that.

Ep and I are just heading....out of enjoy some much needed time with one another. We plan to prove that we still know how to have a fun time by ourselves!

So, normal life will once again resume on Monday....Ep and I will return to work...Kale and Mema will come back to Little Rock...but until then.....whooohoooo, let the weekend begin!!!!

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