Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, its definitely been a Monday. I am hoping to enjoy Monday night and then move on to Tuesday. Enough of this Monday stuff!

I started my day off by forgetting my cell phone at home. I felt/feel so completely out of sync without it. Ok, I remember when only the richest people had cell phones...but then they got cheaper...and everyone got one...and now we can't survive without them. I seriously contemplated driving all the way home and back to work again...just to get my phone. However, my stubborness held my phone is still at home and I am still at work. (shhh...yes, blogging at work)

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kale and my mom for lunch. That flew out the door. Someone was cranky this morning. Someone didn't pack last night and waited until this morning to get everything together. The longer I waited today, the more anxious I got. I was seriously having Kale withdrawal. Ugh. However, its nearly 4pm and I just got my "fix", but will still probably call it a day in about 30 minutes.

I forgot to bring a check I was supposed to deposit on Saturday, but since I was out of town on Saturday...I was going to deposit it today. Apparently, when you are given a check, you are supposed to deposit it immediately...and when someone says to wait until the 16th to deposit it...they really mean that they are going to call you on the 15th and wonder why you haven't deposited it yet. Anyway...I got frustrated with myself after I forgot the check at home. Yet another reason I nearly made a return trip home.

Ok, enough of my whining...big girls don't whine...

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Bekah said...

Oh Marcia, welcome to my world.... It is crazy huh... How can we miss them that much it hurts????? And no CRAP for me....yeah