Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do Apples? Do Colors?

On my iPhone, I have 2 different Apps that Kale can play.

The first one is "toddler cards" but Kale refers to it as "do apples" because one of the main cards has an apple on it.

The second one is called "scrible lite" but Kale calls it "do colors" because he is able to use his fingers to draw in different colors.

Just about every morning I am asked: Mommy, do apples? Mommy, do colors?

Some mornings I oblige him and of course he insists on doing it all by himself! It was during one of those little sessions that he drew this and managed to save it on my two years old!

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Amy said...

Too cute! If Ivie sleeps through the night without calling me or Dale into her room (unless it's to go potty!), her reward is getting to play with my iTouch in the car that day. Going to and from daycare. She loves Scribble Lite, too! And she thinks it's amazing that she gets the color on her fingers but she can't see it there. Ha!