Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cold Turkey

Unless my attitude changes along the way today, Kale is going to discover "going cold turkey" tonight. I suppose we all have our breaking points and this morning around 5am, I found mine.
Since Kale never really slept in his crib and then tried to use his toddler bed as a trampoline, we transitioned rather early to the double bed on the floor. It has box springs, but no frame. It also has a "don't roll out of bed" rail, which could also be labeled as the "show the older folks how out of shape they are" rail. Ugh.

Unfortunately, the following is how most nights look at our house:
  • Mommy lays down withe Kale while he drinks his milk in the bottle (yep, just about every part of that sentence is a parental FAIL).
  • Mommy slips out of Kale's bed after he dozes off
  • Somewhere around 11pm-midnight, Kale wakes up and starts wailing. If one of us does not go to him, he comes to our bed. 99% of the time, he gets into our bed at this point. About two seconds later, he asks for more milk. Most nights, he gets it. Then we all sleep for maybe a few hours.
  • Somewhere around 2am, Kale wakes up again--sometimes to ask for more milk, sometimes to just celebrate being in our bed, sometimes we have no idea why. Some nights, I fix him milk and take him back to his bed--which means I lay down in there with him. Other nights, I fix him the milk and we all crash back out.
  • On nights when we are out of our minds lucky, we get to sleep from this point until sometime after 5:30am. All the other nights, we get to do the 2am process again.
  • Most nights, between the liquids he drinks in the evenings (the only time of day he gets free reign on his cup) and then drinks during the night....we usually either find a wet spot in the bed or have to change his diaper to prevent a wet spot.
And then came last night.
  • Bed time routine was normal. Complete with him telling me that his milk, monkey, and puppy dog cover were MINE! (as in, don't take them from me mommy!)
  • He cried out once, but went back to sleep--for 10 minutes. Then he came to our room. And he brought not only the monkey, but also the puppy dog covers (sleeping bag) with him. And all of it had to join him in our bed. Milk was given and we all slept. Ep served up milk for the next round and I asked him to change Kale's diaper. I have no idea what happened next, but 30 minutes later and after a fresh diaper change....we had a wet bed. Ugh.
  • Hello 5:15am. This is when Kale, the monkey, the puppy dog covers, a fresh bottle, and me all went BACK to Kale's bed. This time, we took a sippy cup of juice. Once again, if I tried to adjust anything or take his sippy cup out of his hand (so it wouldn't leak on the bed), I was reminded that all things in Kale's world are MINE! Yes, even out of a snoring sleep, he will let you know its his. Then he wanted to talk about Thomas the train and then about the fact that mommy took off her glasses. I tried to explain that I took them off because I wanted to sleep. He missed the point entirely. Then he decided he needed a kleenex. Because I had become delirious, I told him to go get the kleenex himself. I still haven't figured out what he actually did with the kleenex box that immediately went missing. And thats how we started our day.
So, when I tell you that tonight, Kale is going cold turkey on just about understand, right? If you don't, keep it to yourself please. We can't take it anymore. Kale is in complete control of the night and its like being on a runaway train and the conductor has already jumped off.

Tonight, Kale is going to bed by himself. He will get his milk bottle. He will see me put up the baby gate in his door. I am sure there will be much yelling/screaming/crying on his part. I am just hoping he can't climb the darn thing. I am just hoping that when he eventually gives up, he gets into his bed and doesn't just curl up in the floor. And here is hoping that I can actually walk my talk.

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