Monday, February 1, 2010

Because I don't have a camcorder in the bed at 2am

I doubt my husband will remember any of this and I don't have a camcorder in the bed at 2am. Yet, this needs to be documented since it made me nearly fal out of the bed laughing.

Kale came to our bed and requested milk. I got him the milk and let him stay in our bed. When he was done with the milk, he handed it to me with a "tank you mommy" and rolled over.

He cuddled up to his daddy and burped so loud that they heard it 3 states away. He then said "bless you daddy" followed by "bless you Kale" at nearly the top of his lungs.

He then ran his feet down the back of my underwear, pooted, burped loudly again, pooted again, and proceeded to start outsnoring his daddy.

Side note that the burps were quite possibly right into his daddy's face.

He is now doing a snort/snore routine and compltetly hogging the middle of our bed.

Really, who knew I needed a camcorder in the bed at 2am? If this is Kale at 2 at 2am, then we are in trouble when he gets older!

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