Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Bible Review

I received this Bible for free to review. I want to be clear about that up front. However, I also want you to know that my reviews for this (or any other product) are honest and genuine.

Title: Mom's Bible--God's Wisdom for Mothers
Notes by Bobbie Wolgemuth
Version: NCV

At first glance, this Bible is nice. Its beautifully designed and the hardback feature brings durability. It would definitely catch my eye on the shelf and I would want to look at it.

Each book of the Bible starts off with a brief introduction and guidance. Every few pages or so, there are "Insights" or "Walking In..." commentaries or devotional type segments are well, for lack of a better word, insightful and helpful. There are also commentaries about "Godly character", "Mom's in the Bible", and "Wonderful Counselor". Each of these has a different focus and purpose, but yet they are all leading you to think about the verses associated with them and offer applicable guidance as well.

The New Century Version (NCV) is not new to me. I actually prefer it for my everyday references to the Bible. Its just easier to understand and seems more direct. I don't get lost trying to figure out what is being said and then completely miss the message. However, I am not sure I would want this version for use in a church setting where the minister/preacher was using a more traditional version of text. However, thats just me. I think the NCV is great for the focus and purpose of the Mom's Bible.

One feature that I REALLY like about the Mom's Bible is the section in the back (starting on page 1421) that is titled "Answers to Questions Kid's Ask". I think its not only a good preparation for answering a kid's question, but for reminders to us adults or for adults who are new to the Bible and their relationship with God. I wish this section was larger. I also must add that I don't necessarily agree with every part of every answer given. However, that doesn't take away from the overall usefulness and impact that this special section of this Bible provides.

I look forward to using this Bible for my personal devotionals and for reference. I am really glad I requested it and I know that the spine of this Bible will be well worn as I stumble my way through motherhood!

I would feel good about recommending this Bible to my friends (which is what I am doing here) or to anyone who wanted to buy an easy gift for thier mom or a mom they think could benefit from this Bible.

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